How can I learn to be a manipulative person?

Answer by A Quora admin:

First, as mentioned in other answers, 48 Laws of Power is an excellent book. It shows how manipulative people think and shows how to do it. There are free PDFs of it on the internet somewhere.

Otherwise, find a manipulative person and study the hell out of them. I mean, analyze every statement, every body language, every tone of voice, every eye movement. Everything.

I would give them a lot of fake information about yourself and watch them attempt to make you do things. Since all the information you give is false, then their manipulation attempts will fail horribly. Maybe visit a cult and observe the cult leader.

Then read a lot about manipulation online and you might connects dots of their attempted manipulation.


Only thing is it requires you to care about your desires, or another goal, more than the other person. Otherwise, manipulation is extremely difficult. If you have that, you can do it. The rest is studying, thinking, and acting.

Also, if you have something (such as a mental disorder, high anxiety around people, etc) that inhibits self-control, it's more difficult, although there are ways around it.

How can I learn to be a manipulative person?


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