Why is Batman the greatest superhero above all others?

Answer by A Quora admin:

As Steven Murphy mentioned, the title of best superhero is up for much debate. However, being a great Batman fan myself, I consider him to be ONE of the greatest superhero of all times.

The reasons would be the following:

1) He is a human being and therefore has had to go through the some of the same ordeals that we have experienced in our life, thus making him feel more "connected" to us.

2) He does not give up. Ever. I have yet to find a storyline, where Batman has   given up. His iron-willed determination is by itself, a force to be reckoned with. Gods and superhuman beings have known and respected this force, which is saying something, as he is just an ordinary human.

3) He plans for everything. Literally everything. If he were facing one man, or 10 man, or even a superhuman being, he won't have one plan to take them down. He won't even have 2 or 3 plans. He will have multiple plans. His backup plans would have backup plans. He is a guy who takes ABSOLUTELY no risk at all, in any situation.

4) Bu what makes Batman one of the greatest superhero is his belief of being judge, jury and executioner in a world overrun by criminals and corruption. The moment Batman becomes aware of any sort of crime taking place, he will hunt it down and make sure that justice is meted out. He will NEVER shoot anyone, unless absolutely necessary. He will always be there, in the shadows, fighting to eradicate evil, one crime at a time.

Do all these abilities make him the greatest superhero? NO. But he has been my role model since the time I picked up comics. He has taught and inspired me, along with countless others, to never give up, but to always keep fighting on. Sure, I will never match Batman's determination, but I can try to reach the stars, instead of just giving up. In that regard, he will always have my utmost respect.

Why is Batman the greatest superhero above all others?


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