How do I train myself to code faster and with fewer bugs?

Answer by A Quora admin:

All the answers I've read on this page have a common theme = PRACTICE.

There are several ways to "code faster and with fewer bugs".

  1. Work with (or ask) developers better than you and learn from them – fast!
  2. Take online courses to strengthen your foundations
  3. Pick up a language that is more succinct but expressive (Golang, anyone?)
  4. Practice by yourself continually

OK, so how would you actually go and practice by yourself? Here's one way:

  1. Find a problem that matters to you (read: important)
  2. Find out if that problem has already been solved (open source code/components/plugins you can use)
  3. Use the source, Luke (check out what others do in code organization, re-use); Read threads on Github and see what they disagree about
  4. Break the remaining parts of the problem into manageable chunks (here's where your degree in CS or Software Design class come in handy)
  5. Solve the problem
  6. Use an IDE that fits (syntax highlighting, linters, easy code formatting, ability to fold/unfold functions, …) – working with an IDE will cut out unnecessary errors and sometimes give you best practice hints (e.g. linters)

If all else fails and you're not improving much, pick a bigger problem to solve 🙂

How do I train myself to code faster and with fewer bugs?


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