Twelve Tips

1. Life is a gift. It is a beautiful gift and is unfortunately quite short so don’t waste it spending hours in front of the television watching sitcoms, playing video games or getting wasted all the time. Get out and see the world, meet new people and experience new things.

2. If you don’t get into university or if it’s just that you don’t want to go, don’t sweat it. You can create a career from whatever you want and still follow your passion in life. You can go just as far in life without a University Degree compared to someone who has one. The school of life can sometimes be all you need. Get out into the world, find your purpose in life, get a job and follow your true passion. Remember that you can create anything you want so DREAM BIG. Nothing is too hard to achieve. The world that exists around you was made up by people exactly like you.

3. Ask yourself this: How can I give my gifts back to the world?Everyone has a gift so figure out what yours is and how you can share it with everyone to give something back to the world.

4. Make sure you’re always learning something new. Even if you’ve decided not to go to University, still make sure to be curious enough to learn and absorb information from the everywhere around you. Whether it’s reading a new book, taking up yoga, partaking in a new activity of some description or doing charity work. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

5. Life is just a series of moments. Some are good and some are bad but they will more often than not pass quite quickly. A friend once said this to me: “If you live your life, knowing that everything is purely transitory, then maybe you can live in the moment.” So if you’ve had a bad day at work or there is something stressing you out, just remember, it’s only a ‘moment’ and it will pass.

6. Take care of your health when you’re young and as you get older.Drinking and partying might be fun when you’re young but there’s a time and place for everything. So while you should enjoy things in moderation, make sure you keep an eye on your health. Get outdoors and run, go hiking and eat fresh, healthy food. Treat your health with respect and you’ll be forever grateful for it as you get older. Taking care of your health is absolutely critical. Remember that everything comes from health. Work, money, family, whatever you enjoy in life comes from being healthy and fit enough to enjoy it. You can’t have any of this without your health.

7. Get to know your parents. We quite often reject our parents as we’re growing up and by the time we’re mature enough to decide we would like to have a better relationship with them, it’s often too late. You’re parents often have a very rich, interesting history and can impart incredible wisdom upon you that can help you throughout life.

8. Be positive, smile and respect others. Appreciate everything in your life. Be kind to everyone and everything. If you’re able to, help those in need.

9. Don’t spend your life working. Enjoy this beautiful gift that is life. Spend time with your family and loved ones. Don’t let your life and your legacy be about work. I understand everyone has to ‘work to live’ but don’t ‘live to work’. Don’t let a 9 to 5 work week turn into a 9 to 9, six or seven day work week. Always make sure your keep a positive work/life balance. “Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” – Dolly Parton

10. Love is a gift. It can do wonders for your well-being. If someone loves you, don’t throw it away as you may never be able to find it again.

11. Happiness is a conscious choice. Put yourself in the right frame of mind and adopt the right perspective to find happiness in any situation. If you decide something’s going to suck and be lame… then it will be. Find some inspiration any way you can and make it your choice to be happy.

12. Seize the moment! Is there a girl/guy you like? Ask them out today. Is there a job you want. Apply for it now. Don’t waste precious time procrastinating and debating whether or not you should do something. If it feels right, do it. Don’t be afraid to seize a moment or an opportunity in time. Grab it by the horns and go after what you want. Remember this – “The trouble is, you think you have time.” – Buddha


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